Vermin control

Rats and other vermin are a significant risk to a persons health, they carry common deseases such as:

We offer a variety of vermin control solutions for our valued customers toRat Removal
either control and/or remove these menaces, these include traps and repellants, poisons and rodent kits and also rat bait stations and bait containers. Here at Beds and Bucks, we endeavor to remove and/or control these vermin using the most humane methods possible. Our vermin control includes rat removal, mice removal and squirrel removal. We offer our Vermin control services throughout all Buckinghamshire areas including Buckingham, Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford, Bletchley, Ampthill, Flitwick, Cranfield, Olney and Bromham.

Rat Removal & Mice Removal

Beds and Bucks can provide a range of products specifically for rat removal and mice removal. Our products are designed and are effective for rat removal and mice removal. They are all completely humane, and there are a range of products to suit all homes and buildings.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels can cause considerable damage to your house if they get into the roof space. As well as gnawing through timber they can bite through electric cables and plastic water pipes. If you have a squirrel problem it is important to get it removed as soon as possible and we can do this quickly for you and block up the entrance holes to prevent the problem re-occurring.

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Rats, rodents and other possible vermin pests to look out for:

Mice Removal

Mice can be destructive, biting through electric cables as well as food packets in your home. Apart from the obvious hygeine implications it is important to avoid infestations by removing the problem before they start breeding.
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Squirrel RemovalSquirrels, like mice and rats can gnaw through almost anything with their sharp teeth and can be very destructive in the roof space of your home.
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Rat RemovalRats are also very destructive with their gnawing capabilities and often gain entry to buildings through roof tops and pipe and drain access. The are also a threatening health hazzard to humans and must be controlled.
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Beds and Bucks vermin control, provide a range of services throughout Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire areas. Our Rat Removal, Mice Removal and Squirrel Removal services are completed efficiently and discreetly. We offer Vermin control to all areas in Buckinghamshire including Buckingham, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford, Bletchley, Ampthill, Flitwick, Cranfield, Olney and Bromham.

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