Pest Removal

Wasps and similar pests gain entry to buildings via cracks and holes in the exterior of the building, cracks around doors and window frames or un-screened vents are most common entry points. They can also converge using the exterior of the building as cover from wind and rain, creating hives and various other hive-like structures that can not only be dangerous but also very difficult to remove.
Bee Removal

We offer a complete pest removal service, one of our extermination specialists can arrive at your property and remove the infestation in a completely humane way. There would be no damage caused to your property in the process of the pest removal and the infestation can be removed in a safe manner thus ensuring that no person is harmed within the vicinity of the hive or nest structure.

Beds and Bucks provide a range of pest removal services throughout Buckingham and Milton Keynes including Wasp removal, bee removal and woodworm treatment. We cover all areas throughout Buckinghamshire, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford, Bletchley, Ampthill, Flitwick, Cranfield, Olney and Bromham.

Identifying an Infestation

Infestations can be identified in a number of ways, the most obvious is the appearance of a hive in or around the property, deceased insects that have fallen to the ground, hearing the sounds of the insects (e.g. a buzzing or humming sound) and increasing numbers of wasps, bees or other insects flying in or around your property.

Wasp RemovalIf you believe you have an infestation, immediate contact with the Beds and Bucks team is necessary to prevent damage to buildings and people being harmed by the pests, we can assure you that we will arrive in a timely manner to sort out the problem and remove the pests altogether.

Wasp Removal and Bee Removal

When nesting near your home or business, the best way to have them removed is by contacting Beds and Bucks wasp removal and bee removal specialists. We have the equipment and expertise to get rid of wasp and bee nests quickly efficiently. More on Wasp Removal and Bee Removal >>

Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm holes in timber are caused by the larvae of beetles that feed on the timber. There are different species of woodworm, and the method of eliminating woodworm will depend on what species is attacking the wood. Beds and Bucks provide all woodworm treatment for all species of woodworm. Woodworm treatments are harmless, and can be done quickly and efficiently. More on woodworm treatment >>

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Wasps, bees and other pests to look out for:

Cockroaches are usually found inside a building as they like warm environments and are nocturnal.

Bee RemovalHoney bees
are not usually regarded as pests but if one or more are disturbed, they can attack.

Ant removal
belong to highly adaptive colonies and therefore need to be removed from their local populations.

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Beds and Bucks provide Pest removal throughout Buckingham and Milton Keynes. Our services include: Wasp Removal, Bee Removal and Woodworm treatment as well as removing cockroaches and Ants. We offer Pest Removal to all areas in Buckinghamshire including Milton Keynes, Buckingham, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford, Bletchley, Ampthill, Flitwick, Cranfield, Olney and Bromham.

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